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kansas city, mo

Three words drew me to yoga and remain at the heart of what I offer as I share my practice:


Love comes in many forms. Yoga has brought me a deeper level of self-love and has given me a more loving perspective of the world around me.


Life is not always comfortable. Yoga has brought me more comfort in my own skin, and has taught me how to find more ease through life's challenges.


Whether I lay out my mat at home surrounded by only my dogs, or in a room full of others, yoga gives me a sense of community. Every time I step onto my mat, I feel like I'm coming home.

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In my yoga practice, alignment always comes first. Why?

The way that we go about our daily lives is not always in good physical alignment; from working at the computer, to playing tug-o'-war with the dog, and everything in between, our daily habits are not always done with awareness of our posture and form. 

By bringing active awareness and intelligence to our actions in each yoga posture we are able to properly align the bones, thus minimizing pain and increasing the integrity and sustainability of our practice.

With consistent work through our yoga practice, we can become more familiar with our own bodies carry this newfound awareness and knowledge into our lives off of the mat.



"Taking class with Lindsay is an absolute pleasure. She brings positivity to her teaching and approaches the class with respect and thoughtfulness. I have become a regular because I know I will always feel better afterwards!"

"Lindsay has a great and calming presence. She was very well-versed and in-tune with leading my private yoga session. She listened to my goals, walked me through a slow and personalized practice, and helped me feel more confident in my poses."

"I’ve been doing yoga for years and have never had an instructor so conscious of people’s limitations and potential traumas. I attended a Pop-Up Queer Yoga event and felt very welcomed and respected. She made sure we all knew variations of poses."


In addition to my love for yoga, I am also an animal advocate with a soft spot for senior pets. Despite still having so much love left to give, older animals often find themselves homeless and at high risk of euthanasia due to their age and the limited resources at area shelters. Since 2017, I have been fostering senior dogs, and I currently work with Shep's Place, an incredible organization focused on giving elderly dogs the life they deserve. Opening my home to these senior animals has opened my heart, and that is why 5% of the proceeds from each purchase of private sessions and packages will be donated to Shep's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue dedicated to saving and enriching the lives of homeless senior pets in the Kansas City area.

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